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Ayurvedic Practitioners Association of Singapore

Welcome to APAS

The Ayurvedic Practitioners Association of Singapore (APAS) is a society of qualified Ayurveda practitioners, students, manufactures, suppliers and distributors (est. 2013) to promote Ayurveda in the country, overcome cultural prejudices and regulate the practice of authentic Ayurvedic health care in Singapore.

Mission & Vision

Preserve, protect and promote the dissemination of authentic Ayurvedic methods of treatments and therapies in Singapore. Ensure appropriate recognition of Ayurveda as a traditional holistic medical system and maintain its credibility.
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Dr. R. Indusekhar

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Dr. Ajith Kumar
Vice President

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Dr. Vijay Pal

: 84366288

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4th International Conference on Traditional Indian Medicine 2018

The High Commission of India, Singapore, in association with the Siddha Practitioners Association of Singapore and Ayurvedic Practitioners Association of...
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Ayurveda is the oldest healthcare system in the world. It's a unique, completely naturalistic and holistic system of medicine for various kinds of ailments.